Integrated Solutions from our 3 Businesses

We offer integrated solutions ranging from sourcing and supply chain management, to custom manufacturing and development partnerships.

Excellence in sourcing and supply of fine chemicals

Chemosyntha is actively involved in custom sourcing from kg-scale supporting the customer into commercial quantities.
Through our established network of partners we also handle contract R&D and manufacturing projects on a transparent and confidential basis.

Production and development from kilo to multi-ton scale

As a producer, we offer an extensive product portfolio of fine chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates.
As a partner, we offer custom synthesis and contract manufacturing from early stage trial materials to commercial manufacturing.

Advanced technologies and 'Green Chemistry'

We are specialists in unique chiral synthesis technologies, such as electrochemistry, biocatalysis and flow Chemistry.
We offer a unique range of products including non-natural amino-acids and other chiral building blocks, synthesized through ‘Green Chemistry’

Featured Products

Why Choose Us?

We strive to be the preferred solution for all your fine chemical needs

  • producer, supplier, distributor & marketer of fine chemicals with >25 yrs of experience
  • we source your products through own, or third party manufacturing in the most transparent way
  • on-house QA/QC, warehousing and certification to the highest standards

We can source any fine chemical you require

  • unlimited range (Chemosyntha).

We offer over 550 unique specialty products

  • >450 unique Eburon Organics products including complex organic and organometallic
  • >100 unique chiral Ecolec products including non-natural amino acids, peptidomimetics, aminoalcohols, pipecolic acid derivatives and much more.
  • process Development & Pilot capabilities
  • strong in organometallic compounds & complex heterocyclic and chiral organics
  • flow Chemistry: Flow reactor technology for high yield, low solvent and eco-friendly production of various fine chemicals
  • enzyme Biocatalysis: Biocatalysis and kinetic resolution technology in production
  • ECO-technology: electrochemistry for chiral non-natural α-amino acids, almost any chiral β-amino acids and many chiral amino-alcohols

Kilo to Multi-ton scale production

  • 2 fully owned production plants in India
  • Fully ISO 9001:14001 certified
  • Through selected prequalified partners under exclusive arrangements

Our mission is to be your custom manufacturing partner of choice for …

  • API intermediates
  • intermadiates and products for agrochemistry, cosmeceuticals, nanotechnology, additives, flavours, fragrances, photography, electronics industries and more.

We are a Technology Driven Custom Manufacturing partner for multistep synthesis for sophisticated products.

As a development partnerfor innovations we are …

  • exceptionele agile assisting on short notice
  • supplying you gram or kg scale quantities up to multi-tons
  • rare or even new-to-earth products
  • growing together with you at the pace of the market demand

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